Letter to parents

Letter to parents

With great pleasure I can inform you that I have concluded the first part of my project “Distant but close with the heart” born to make the children feel at home because of the covid-19, united in a difficult period for them because they had to give up many things like seeing their grandparents, school or having fun with friends.

In just two months, from March 23, 2020 to May 23, 2020, 223 children from all over the world, from 45 States and belonging to all continents sent me their drawings!

Which countries? These: Armenia – Australia – Azerbaijan – Brazil – Canada – China – Korea – United Arab Emirates – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Japan – Great Britain – India – Indonesia – Iran – Italy – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Mongolia – New Zealand – Holland – Pakistan – Romania – Russia – Spain – South Africa – Switzerland – Thailand – Taiwan – Turkey – U. S.A. (California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Washington) – Ukraine and Zambia.

All the works that have been published on distantimavicinicolcuore.wordpress.com, on facebook http://www.facebook.comdistantimavicinicolcuore and on instagram http://www.instagram.comdistantimavicinicolcuore are exclusively owned by the respective artist-child. I write “confidential responsibility” because I rewrite part of the texts and translate them into English. I also write it mainly because it is my initiative and my project is non-profit.

During these two months I also received proposals for collaboration that I refused because I don’t want any changes to be made or the project to be used for other purposes or the reason for which it was born to be affected.

To whom do you ask: “Why do you do it”? I answer simply by saying that: “In life everyone has a purpose. That’s the way I am, if I know I can do something good I do it. And leaving in the minds of children the memory of an Italian woman they don’t know but who supports them is worth a lot to me.

I’ve become attached to every single drawing and I’ve been able to meet many wonderful children, full of inventiveness and desire to do.

Good children, continue like that. And congratulations to all of you parents who support them because you are their strength, their point of reference and everything you are doing for them will make them happy children and adults aware of their abilities.

A big hug to all of you.

We fly… but in dreams